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**This investment in yourself comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Loose weight. Sleep Better. Improve your complexion.

Being healthy is a revolutionary act!

Challenge big pharma.


This is a whole food program.

We travel on our stomach here.

For 10 Days we ask you to plan and prepare for how you eat.

It is your chance to develop new habits to keep you healthy, beautiful, and vital.

Challenge our sick-care system.

Get Healthy.

Stay Healthy!

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Peter M. Deeley Jr.

Founder of A Well Run Life

Author of The Leadership Miracle

Expert Contributions:

World Champion Endurance Athlete Sonya Looney

"By taking on new challenges, you realize you are far more capable than you ever imagined." - Sonya Looney

Published Author Tara Sindylek is a certified holistic health coach, speaker, and a certified practitioner for Health Beyond Belief. Founder of Rock Your Body Weight-Loss.

Tips for Home Headache Relief

Dr. Barry Marks, Chiropractor

Dr Barry Marks, chiropractor in Orange, California is a former Associate Clinical Professor specializing in car accident injury treatment and fast relief of headaches, neck and back pain since 1986. He is the author of "5 Common Causes of Headaches, 3 Steps to Relief" and other books on health and wellness. Dr. Marks has lectured to health care consumers as well as fellow doctors and lawyers on many topics and enjoys collaborating online with other like-minded professionals.



Epigenetics: What You Do Affects Who You Are At The DNA Level
Dr. Anthony G. Jay
President & Founding Director
International Medical Research Collaborative

Alliette Chignoli, Stretch Therapist

Tessa May Marr - Founder of Gluten Free Calgary

Traveling addict, Lover of 90’s music, Wine enthusiast (she’s been to over 150 vineyards), Amateur speaker of Spanish, and a fan of

dining out! Favorite GF food: Wine

Dana Skoglund

Does Yoga Lead to Healthier eating?"

From The Harvard Business Review

Make Yourself Immune to Secondhand Stress


Shawn Achor


Michelle Gielan


From the Harvard Business Review

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

by Tony Schwartz and Catherine McCarthy

The Secrets to Keeping Fit Over 60?

By Peggy Wood & Sally Wilkinson of BeActive Befit

A Well Run Life Founder

Peter Deeley

Peter M. Deeley Jr. is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coachand Founder of A Well Run Life. He studied at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition is a father of five, fiancé to the world's most beautiful woman, part time bee keeper, gardener and personal chef to his family. He believes: The Best You is Coming Soon!

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Day #1: Calories and Macronutrients

    • Review of Provisions for Day #1

    • From Our Medical Director: Dr. Maggie Garvin

    • It's Not The Calories

    • The Standard America Diet is SAD

    • Are You Who You Think You Are?

    • A Teeny Tiny Primer on Macro Nutrients

    • Always Hungry? Here’s Why - The New York Times

    • Podcast #2: 45,46...

    • MacroNutrient Vocabulary

    • Not Even the Emergency Chocolate

  • 3

    Day #2: Your Bread and Butter - Grains and Dairy

    • Review of Provisions for Day #2

    • An Old Soldier Tells His Tale

    • Bloated? Constipated? It Shouldn't be that Way

    • The Grain Name Game

    • Your Daily Bread

    • Butter, Milk, Cheese...Ice Cream

    • ​Dairy and its Alternatives

    • Podcast #3: By Degree

  • 4

    Day #3: Sugar, Caffeine, and Other Drugs

    • The General Is Not Sympathetic

    • Review of Provisions for Day #3

    • Lions, Tigers and Bears

    • What Organs Do They Work of Detoxification?

    • The Emmunctories

    • Diabetes? Pre-Diabetes?

    • Does Advertising Work?

    • Podcast #4: Scraping By

  • 5

    Day #4: Let's Get Physical

    • From World Champion Endurance Athlete Sonya Looney

    • Sonya Looney's Ted Talk

    • Review of Food Choices for Day #4

    • Move. And Move Again.

    • Get Up and Stretch Damn It!

    • What Crossfit Taught Me About Fitness

    • How Protein Makes Muscle

    • Exercise vs. Pharma

    • Podcast #5: Surf

    • A Soldier Makes the Turn

  • 6

    Day #5: Eater's Digest

    • Surviving Your Buds

    • Review of Food Choices for #5

    • Who's in the System?

    • Got Fiber?

    • “All disease begins in the gut” ~ Hippocrates

    • What Does your Poo Say About You?

    • What is Dysbiosis?

    • Podcast #6: I am Gifted

  • 7

    Day #6: Introspection and Meditation

    • Review of Food Choices for Day #6

    • Why Meditate?

    • Breathe - It's Good for You

    • ​How does yoga lead to healthier eating?

    • Considered The Happiest Man in the World

    • Meditation Resources

    • Podcast #7: The Wait Shift

  • 8

    Day #7: Self Care

    • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

    • Review of Food Choices for Day #7

    • The General Is Proud of You!

    • How Do You Take Care of Yourself?

    • Home HeadacheReliefy by Dr. Barry Meeks

    • Protect Your Most Important Relationships

    • Podcast #8: Box of Chocolates

    • Make Yourself Immune to Second Hand Stress by Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan

  • 9

    Day #8: Sleep Your Way to the Top

    • Review of Food Choices Day #8

    • 40% of America is Sleep Deprived

    • Take it From Arianna Huffington

    • Podcast #9: An Irrational Insurance Policy

  • 10

    Day #9: You Are What You Eat - Eats

    • Review of Food Choices for Day #9

    • Out of The Mouths of Babes: You Can Pay the Farmer or the Hospital

    • What the Hell is a Sustainable Protein?

    • What's Wrong With What We Eat?

    • Podcast #10: The Middle

  • 11

    The Last Day of Boot Camp! First Day of The New You!

    • What is a Blue Zone?

    • 100 Years - We can Do it!

    • Gratitude: The Master Key

    • Review of Food Choices for Day #10

    • A Gluten-Free Day

    • Some Recipes Forwarded to Us from Taste Bud Boot Camp Alumni

    • As you Go Through Your Life - Keep Going!

    • Evaluation

    • The General Salutes You!

    • Podcat #11: Naked Ambition